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Introduced Three Shoe Washing Machine
In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have introduced three shoe washing machine, namely RC-60 shoe washing machine, RC-65 shoe washing machine, RC-120 shoe washing machine, RC-60 can drying 8 pairs of shoes at the same, RC-65 can washing 5 pairs of shoes and drying 6 pairs of shoes at the same time, RC-120 can washing 5 pairs of shoes and drying 8 pairs of shoes at the same time,welcome all new and old customers to negotiate.
Shoes washing machine type Automatic
Oven working way Hot and cold air drying
Oven power 3000W
Voltage 220V
Rated washing capacity 5.6KG
Rated Dehydration capacity 5.6KG
Standard water consumption 156L
Washing power 340W
Dehydration Power 240W
Use water pressure 0.03-1Mpa
Wash Noise ≤62dB
Dehydration noise ≤72dB

RC-120 Shoe Washing Machine 

 shoe washing machine
RC-65 Shoe Washing Machine
Shoe Washing Machine
RC-60 Shoe Washing Machine
shoe washing machine


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