Shoe Brushes

RC-XS5 Suede Brush

RC-XS5 Suede Brush

RC-XS5 Suede Brush 

1. Product Description:

Material: Copper wire+ rubber+ plastic handle

Weight : 0.04KG

Size: 17*3*3.5cm

Hair length : 1.5cm

2. Sminilar Products:

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 3. Product Introduction:

The shoe cleaning brush is an international new and popular cleaning tool. It won’t do harm to leather and it has a excellent effect of removing dust and oil stain. The special designed nylon brush and copper wire can clean up the shoes completely. It’s the best tool to nurse velour and abrasion leather shoes.

Unique of product:

The shoe clean brush won’t do harm to leather. Copper wire of ordinary copper wire brush would scratch leather easily, it will lead to the harm of velour leather. This shoe brush is made specially, the copper wire is not sharp, it can ensure the safety of velour leather. So our shoe brush is the best choice of shoe care shop.

Features of lotus:

Excellent species in subtropical evergreen forest, evergreen leaves, large amount of flowers with sweet-smelling which can be viewed. The fresh leaf is not inflammable which has the fire protection function. The south commonly used Holland carpentry fire mantle cultivation.  It is fragrant and tough with a fire protection function. It may show a little gray, straight grain, durable wood, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant. The wood is easy to keep, do not insolate it.


And so on elimination dunghill which makes either smudges apparatus and so on fat with the wool brown plastic silk tinsel generally has the handle for long or ellipse some. The brush is also called the hair brush, to divide into the industry according to its test domain to brush with civil brushes

Civil brushes

The use mainly to have in the daily life hair brush: The kitchen brushes, bathes brushes, the shoe brush, the toothbrush, the pot brushes, the wash brush, the clothes hat brush, the bathtub brushes, the milk bottle brushes, drinking glass clear scrubbing, the test-tube brush, the pet to brush, the massage to brush, bakes the hearth brush, the bath to brush, the stainless steel health to brush, the chamberpot to brush, the sponge window to brush, the shoe brush, the clothes brush, the drum to brush, the wall to brush, the paintbrush, the automobile to brush, the snow to brush and so on the industry to brush

The industry brushes

The use in the industrial production, the leading role is dustproof, polishing, the clean, the attrition. May divide into according to the profession the food beverage industry: Each kind of vegetable slicer hair brush, the mushroom clearer hair brush, the hair rogue hair brush, washes fruit machine hair brush.

 4. Services:


To meet the high demands of the international guests, ROBIN INDUSTRY improve more product line of shoe repair & footwear,and all products are reasonalbe in price, ROBIN INDUSTRY provide more diversified services, it had help customers to save more time, and full win the trust of customers.

ROBIN INDUSTRY provide professional Technique with attractive price, so we won the trust and praise of many wholesalers & dealer from all around the world.


We welcome your OEM order. We have OEM customer with products being sold in USA, UK, Canada, Poland, Mexico,Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria,Singapore, Kuwait, Sri Lanka,Oman,Cameroom and etc, . The OEM service we provide will suit all different type of needs the customer has. 

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