Shoe Sewing Machine

SP168SC Special Shoe Stitching Machine For Sandals

SP168SC Special Shoe Stitching Machine For Sandals,industrial sewing machine

SP168SC Special Shoe Stitching Machine For Sandals

1. Product Parameter:

Sewing speed: Stepless speed regulating

Stitch: Double lock

Stitch length: 3-13mm

Sewing thickness: 6mm

Sewing needle: CP*5

Motor: 750W/ 220V one-phase 50-60hz 

            750W/ 380V three-phase 50-60hz

Net weight: 140Kg

Domestic packing gross weight: 170Kg

Domestic packing parameter: 118*65*140(L*W*H) cm

Exported packing gross weight: 210 Kg

Exported packing parameter: 114*66*144(L*W*H) cm

2. Characteristics:

1. Arab slippers insole sewing machine is mainly suitable for Arab slippers。

2. It can use braided wire, and will not appear the knots phenomenon。

3. All parts were manufactured by HAAS CNC machines, which are of high precision. 

4. Arab slippers insole stitching machines use electronic speed motors, speed can be flexible, stopping the needle position via computer control.

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3. Sminilar Products:

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4. Packing:

Special Shoe Stitching Machine For Sandals packing

Special Shoe Stitching Machine For Sandals packing

 5. Sitching the shoes:

 Sewing the Sandals

Sewing the Sandals

6. Services:


To meet the high demands of the international guests, ROBIN INDUSTRY improve more product line of shoe repair & footwear,and all products are reasonalbe in price, ROBIN INDUSTRY provide more diversified services, it had help customers to save more time, and full win the trust of customers.

ROBIN INDUSTRY provide professional Technique with attractive price, so we won the trust and praise of many wholesalers & dealer from all around the world.


We welcome your OEM order. We have OEM customer with products being sold in USA, UK, Canada, Poland, Mexico,Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria,Singapore, Kuwait, Sri Lanka,Oman,Cameroom and etc, . The OEM service we provide will suit all different type of needs the customer has. 

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